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Kuzukiri, Kyoto Sweets

We often use the word “Shinise” in Japanese describing shops which have a long established business and have been passing down their reputable services and goods for generations.

The Japanese confectionary shop called Kagizen-Yoshifusa on Shijo Street in the Gion district is one of the true “Shinise” in Kyoto.
They were established more than 300 hundred years ago and have been offering authentic Kyoto sweets to people in Kyoto and from all over Japan.

One day in the early Showa period, about 100 years ago, locals in the Gion area asked the shop to make something new to enjoy with tea and they made “Kuzukiri”. “Kuzukiri” is made from only starchy flour and water. They look like thick noodles and you eat them with brown sugar syrup. The new sweets became very popular. Writers and artists in Kyoto loved the sweets and they received great attention.

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