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Don’t miss local summer festivals in Kyoto

As soon as a rainy season is over, a Matsuri, Japanese summer festival season begins.
You can enjoy wearing Yukata, a casual summer Kimono, food stalls, taiko, Japanese drum sound and goldfish scooping at the festival

Here might be a place you can encounter a true Japanese experience with locals.
The festival is normally held at a place such as local shrine, shopping street or elementary school.
We have a special traditional dance called “Bon-Odori” at a festival venue and a lot of food stalls along the street.

Summer festival tradition such as Bon-Odori came from Obon which is a traditional Buddhist event to welcome the spirits of ancestors.
The Obon period is in the middle of August and we welcome our ancestor’s spirit.
Bon-Odori was performed to calm the spirits of the ancestors and now it is more about having fun with family, friends and neighbors.

A great way to enjoy the festival is to wear Yukata, a casual summer Kimono.
It is much lighter and thinner than Kimono so it will be easier and more comfortable in hot summer.

If you would like to feel locals, you might want to try some games at festival stalls or booths. Popular games are goldfish scooping, super ball scooping (scooping bouncy rubber balls with a paper scoop) and Ring toss.
Visit Kyoto and why don’t you experience one of summer festivals?


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