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Kitayama Yuzen Giku, the passing beauty in mountain village

Driving north an hour and half from Kyoto city center, the area named Kuta is located close to the meeting point of Kyoto, Shiga and Fukui prefectures. This is a quiet green area nestled in the mountains. Most of the people live in five hamlets of traditional thatched roof houses. It has a real taste of Japan. It is cool and comfortable in the summer but it is blanketed by deep heavy snows in harsh winter every year. Since the 8th century when the capital of Japan moved to Kyoto, the area has served as a production center of timber including cypress and cedar, popular materials for the construction of traditional buildings. A fire festival called Matsuageis held every August.


The light purple flower transforms the spirit of the mountain village in summer time

Kitayama Yuzen Giku is a type of chrysanthemum that blooms only a couple of weeks from the end of July to early August. Twenty years ago, Kyoto city and local residents thought of growing some flower that were unique to the area and started cultivating these blooms. They chose the strong and easy-to-grow wild viewing this flower with their delicate, short-lived loveliness amidst the green mountains, thatched roof houses, the gentle murmurings of a cool mountain stream, the buzzing of evening cicadas will provide the travelers with both a welcome relief from the summer heat and an opportunity to meditate on the transitory nature of life and beauty.


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