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Kyoto Temple Lover's Walking Tour - East(CKT #2)
approx. 6 hours

お寺大好き 京都お寺巡りウォーキングツアー 東
Visit stunning temples and look back in history in eastern Kyoto

There are more than 3,000 temples in Kyoto. Each of them has unique and historical story of who built it and why it is established.
It will take hundreds years to visit all of the temples so we picked up some of the best temples which give you a valuable experience. Stunning buildings, beautiful gardens, the statues which passed on thousands years, friendly buddhist monks and the different world
Once you pass throught the temple's gate you will feel the acient times culture.

Here is a sample itinerary for Kyoto Temple Lover's Walking Tours - East

・Tenjuan-Temple : Sub temple of Nanzenji-Temple with beautiful two diffrent types of gardens
・Suirokaku : Magnificent aquaduct, symbol of reconstraction of Kyoto city after the Meiji Restoration
・Nanzenji-Temple : Ranked very top Zen temple in Kyoto and Kamakura
・Eikando-Temple : Famous for red maple leaves in Autumn and young green leaves in Spring with full of history
・Honenji-Temple : Beautiful Sukiya style main temple gate with thatched roof
・Ginkakuji-Temple : Hisotrical temple with full of Higashiyama culuture and stories


Tour Name Kyoto Temple Lover's Walking Tour - East
Duration approx. 6 hours
minimum number of participants 2 up to 6 guests

25,920 yen (Incl. tax) per group (not per person!)
plus admission fees and transportation

Additional information

・Guests are responsible for any food or drink purchased during the tour.

・Duration of this tour is approximately 6 hours.
・We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shose as we walk 2 to 3 kilometers.

・Itinerary is subject to change due toseasonal changes in transportation delays, weather, temple hours, special events or other factors. We will keep informed of any changes until the tour starts.

・Please read our terms and conditions for more information before you book a tour.

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