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"Togu-dou" at a zen temple, Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Pavilion)

Kinkaku-ji Temple is a well-known temple in Kyoto and millions of tourists visit there every year.
On the other side of the city, at the foot of Kyoto's eastern mountains, an elegant temple, Ginkaku-ji Temple is set in a beautiful and tranquil ground.

The temple is now showing "Togudo Hall" to the public and offering a 30 minute Japanese guided tour until November the 30th.
Here we have more details of the tour and there is an English instruction for applying the tour at the bottom of the page.

Guided Tour (Japanese only)

You will visit and see the man hall, Izumi-dono and Togudo hall with explanations from a guide.

The oldest existing hermitage tearoom "Dojinsai" is a only four and a half Tatami mat tearoom but it is said that all hermitage tearooms came from this small tearoom.

Red and orange autumn leaves are reflected by the setting sun and the view from the small window in Tsukeshoin (the exterior corner of the alcove on the veranda) looks like a picture on a hanging scroll.

The temple was built 500 years ago by Yoshimasa Ashikaga who was the 8th Shogun in the Muromachi shogunate in the late 15th century. He collected all his sense of beauty and built the temple.

You always feel heart-cleansing with the scenery and beauty of the temple and also get Yoshimasa's spirit world from the scenery of the mountains reflected by the setting sun and the view of the Kannon stature from the lookout.

You will enjoy the calm and relaxing time just before the sun sets.

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