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  • 茶谷 匡晃

    Charlie, Tadaaki Chatani
    (Guide history:)

    Welcome to Charlie’s Kyoto Tours!!

    I am Charlie, a certified Kyoto tour guide and will be your guide as you visit and explore Kyoto.
    Walking around the city with a local guide will give you an experience to leave you with not only great memories of what you see but a deeper understanding of why Kyoto is one of the most beloved cities in the world.

    From visiting must-see spots to the hidden and lesser-visited sights and through hands-on experiences of traditional arts and crafts, we will enjoy and explore Kyoto.
    I would also like to share the idea of how Kyoto society works and people here live with our culture.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    I would be more than happy to help you make out your KYOTO itinerary!!

    ◆Certified National Guide : EN00937
    ◆Certified Kyoto Guide (Kyoto Visitor's Host): EN00033

  • 勝見 優子

    Yuko Katsumi
    (Guide history:)

    Enjoy the wonderful city "Kyoto" with me

    Ilove the architecture of Buddhist temples, gardens and shrines.
    Just feel the history of Japan or kyoto with me.
    Depends on your interest, I'll arrange the plan somewhere like famous places or little-known places.
    Not only to visit temples,but to spend the time like you live in Kyoto!

    Enjoy the wonderful city, Kyoto, with me.
    Small group welcome.

    ◆Certified Kyoto Guide (Kyoto Visitor's Host): EN00008

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