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  • 城南宮 しだれ梅と椿まつり

    Jonangu-Shrine Weeping Plum Blossoms and Camellias Flower Festival

    Five scenic gardens with 300 briliant Camellia and 150 weeping plum trees
    【開催日】 February 18 - March 22, 2017

    城南宮 3.jpg城南宮 4.jpg城南宮 5.jpg


    7 Rigu-cho, Nakajima Toba, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

    15 minutes walk from Subway, Kintetsu Train Takeda Station
    20 minutes by bus from Hachijo Exit, Kyoto Station

    Free car parking available


    Participation fee

    Admission Fee 600 yen

  • 圓光寺 早朝坐禅

    Zazen - Morning Zen meditation at Enkoji-Temple

    Zen meditation in refreshing air
    【開催日】 Every Sunday (booking required)

    Getting up at 4:30am in Sunday morning isn't really something you want to do
    but the crisp and cool autumn air wakes you up.

    I had a Zen meditation at Enkoji Temple in Shugakuin area, north east of Kyoto city.
    The meditation and some work in the temple's field was an amazing experience and we had rice porridge with some pickled vegetables for breakfast.

    It was a little to early for leaves changing colours but it was great to see the beautiful garden and the splendid view from the hill behind the temple.

    ・Work in the garden (cleaning and picking up leaves)
    ・Monk gives a preach
    ・have morning porridge



    13 Kotani-cho, Ichijo-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan

    Phone 075-781-8025


    Participation fee

    1,000yen for the first time visitors, free from the second time

  • 広沢池 灯籠流し

    Hirosawa Pond Paper Lantern Festival

    Colorful paper lanterns floating on Hirosawa Pond on Bonfire night
    【開催日】 August 16th

    The night Daimonji Gozan Okuri-bi Ritual Fires for marking the end of Kyoto’s summer is held on August 16th , Countless colored paper lanterns, each with a burning candle are put on the Hirosawa Pond.

    The location is excellent for seeing the Torii-gate hillside sendoff fire.

    The fire reflected on the surface of the water is beautiful and you can enjoy the fantastic scenery.



    What is obon?
    You would often hear the word when you visit Japan in the middle of August.
    Obon is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating our ancestors.

    It is believed that each year during Obon, the ancestor’s spirits return to this world to visit their relatives and to find the peace.

    Obon is not an official public holiday and it is regarded as an important family gathering time when a lot of people return to their hometowns.

    People visit family graves and clean them, then pray to their ancestors.
    Flowers are placed on graves all over Japan.

    On the first day of Obon, chochin lanterns are lit inside houses and people go to their family’s grave to call their ancestors’ spirits back home.

    On the last day, people bring the ancestor’s spirits back to the grave.
    In some regions, fires called Okuri-bi (sent-off fire) are lit at entrances of houses to send the ancestor’s spirits back to the other world.

    By Kyoto local custom, the last day of Obon is always on the 16th – the day of Gozan no Okuribi, huge fire ceremony to send the ancestor’s spirits back to their world.


    Hirosawa Pond

    Nearest bus stop :
    Kyoto City Bus Yamagoe (about 10 minutes on foot from Hirosawa Pond)


  • 第29回下鴨納涼古本まつり

    Shimogamo Open-Air Secondhand Book Festival in Tadasu-no-Mori

    【開催日】 Augusy 11th – 16th 10:00 – 17:30 (Closed at 16:00 on the 16th)

    Kyoto summer is extremely hot but you could feel a little cooler in the full of greenery in Shimogamo Shrine.
    Tadasu no Mori has a long history and appears in classical literatures such as Makurano Soushi and The Tale of Genji.
    The forest is popular among local people and the place where they can relax.

    Shimogamo Open-air Secondhand Festival is one of the biggest open-air secondhand book festivals in Japan and it has more than 800,000 books sold.
    It is known to attract a wide and varied crowd of visitors both young and old.
    The shelves of books at the Furuhon (secondhand books) festival are not arranged according to author but it is fun to happen upon a precious treasure of your own!!

    There is a stream running through the forest and you can enjoy walking under a tunnel of trees.



    Tadasu no Mori in Shimogamo Shirine
    Nearest bus stop:
    Kyoto City Bus, Tadasuno Mori or Shimogamo Jinjya Mae (Shimogamo Shrine Mae)


  • 宮川町 夏祭り

    Miyagawa-cho Summer Festival

    Open every day until August 31st (closed on August 15 & 16 )
    【開催日】 July 15 – August 31st

    Miyagawa-cho is one of the five charming Geiko & Maiko districts in Kyoto,
    along with Gion Kobu, Ponto-cho, Kamishichiken and Gion Higashi, which are known as the Five Kagai.

    During the festival Mitagawa-cho will be illuminated by 120 lantern lights, enhancing the elegant night-time mood.
    Spending a summer evening stroll the streets is a good way to recover from the heat of the day.

    People will be able to see Geiko and Maiko’s spectacular dance on stage and four Geiko
    and Maiko dressed in cool cotton Yukata for summer join you at the beer garden.



    Miyagawa-cho Ochaya Society
    (Access: 5 minutes on foot from Kiyomizu Gojo station, Keihan Train)


    Participation fee

    【Miyagawa-cho Beer Garden】
    Fee : 5,000yen (with food and drinks)
    Reservation & Inquiries : Miyagawa-cho Ochaya Society
    Tel : 075-561-1151

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