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Meet the Seven Lucky Gods of Kyoto

Have you ever heard of “the Pilgrimages of the Seven Lucky Gods “?

Such journeys are held in various places in Japan, but it is said that they originated in Kyoto.
I will introduce "the Pilgrimages of the Seven Lucky Gods" which is said to be the oldest one in Japan.

People say that the belief in the Seven Lucky Gods began in the Muromachi period over 600 years ago.
I think that most Japanese people have heard of "the Seven Lucky Gods", however I wonder how many people can say the names of all the seven gods.

“The Seven Lucky Gods” we call “Shichifukujin” are a mixed group of deities from Japan, India, and China. Surprisingly, only one god “Ebisu” is a native to Japan.
So let me introduce the shrines and temples which are dedicated to the Seven Lucky Gods and about the route that you can use to all of them efficiently.

① Toji Temple for Bishamonten
「God of Warriors and also a God of Defense Against Evil」
② Manpuku-ji Temple for Hotei
「God of Happiness and Abundance」
③ Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple for Benzaiten
「Goddess of Knowledge, Art (especially music) and Beauty」
④ Ebisu Shrine for Ebisu,
「God of Fishers and Merchants」
⑤ Sekizan Zen-in Temple for Fukurokuju
「God of Happiness, Wealth and Longevity」
⑥ Myouen-ji Temple for Daigokuten
「God of Wealth and Prosperity」
⑦ Gyougan-ji Temple for Jurojin
「God of Longevity」

Manpuku-ji Temple located in the south is in Uji City, the Sekizan Zen-in Temple is located quite north in Kyoto city.
I recommend this route as noted above, If you’d like to get around efficiently in a day and get good luck and fortune.
Why don’t you visit the Seven Lucky Gods for the good fortune in this year?

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