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Kyoto Aquarium

Tourists are attracted by not only historical shrines and temples in Kyoto but also some modern facilities such as an aquarium and museums.

Kyoto Aquarium is one of the most popular attractions for tourists with children. Children often get bored easily during visiting historical places however you don’t need to worry about that if you are at the Kyoto Aquarium. Children will be excited and very busy to find a lot of different kinds of fish and sea creatures.

Although it may be not a cultural place you imagine to visit in Kyoto, the aquarium can share with you about aquatic life in Kyoto’s rivers and ocean. It is also a good place to take the rest if you’re tired, or not to get wet in the rain.

The admission fee includes a dolphin show that is held at least twice a day. Dolphins show 25-minute performance that shares some of the noises they can make, surprisingly including the sound of their heartbeat. It will be very excited for you and your children to participate in the show and you will enjoy watching how clever the dolphins are.

One of the most popular sea creatures would be Japanese giant salamanders, which are a Special Natural Monument of Japan and they also are considered to be one of the biggest amphibians in the world. They are only able to live in very clean water.

A limited event will be held on 7th September to 9th September which is featured the Japanese giant salamanders at Kyoto Aquarium. You can see feeding time and physical measurement.

Another popular animal is adorable penguins.
You can see them swimming in the water from the 1st floor and also on the ground from the 2nd floor. You will find that they swim extremely fast unlike very relaxing on the ground.

It will be great to have this kind of option in your sightseeing plan and make your children happy.

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