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Good relationship or bad relationship?

When you walk around one of the most popular geisha districts, Gion you will find a unique and but a little strange shrine called Yasui Konpiragu-shrine. The shrine is famous for an unusual power stone with a hole in the center and a lot of people visit the shrine.

This shrine was built in around 1100 and the old Emperor, Sutoku is enshrined as the main deity. He was well known as a hero of a tragedy and one of the three most famous YOKAI, ghost or supernatural spirits.
He wasn’t loved by his father because of the rumor which was an open secret such as his “true” father was his grandfather.
And after he got older, he was involved family conflicts and was exiled out of Kyoto.
He tried to come back Kyoto but he was never able to do that until he died.
After his death, strange things began to happen in Kyoto city such as storms, plagues, fires and earthquakes. That made people in Kyoto scared so in order to calm his angry spirit down they enshrined the Emperor Sutoku at this shrine.

While the Emperor was exiled, it was said he gave up all desires.
Therefore, this shrine has been considered to help people break the bad connections in your life, not only in relationships between men and women but also with illness, alcohol, cigarettes and gambling. But don’t worry, men and women who have a good relationship with each other won’t lose their relationship even if they visit together.

Here is how to pray at this shrine. You write your wish on Katashiro, a paper doll and then with the paper doll in your hand, go through the stone hole from front to back. And then go back from back to front and finally stick your paper doll on the power stone.

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