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Gion is traditional entertainment district lying noth and south of Shijo Street
and it takes about 20 minutes bybus from Kyoto Station.
The area is most famous for the entertainment and the traditional performing arts.

The shrine called Yasaka-shrine lies at the eastern edge of the Gion district.
The origins of the district go back to the early 17th century, originally this shrine
was called Gion Shrine and the entertainment area developed in this area to service its pilgrims
wit food and drink.

And as it developed, Gion got known as Kyoto's most famous Geisha and Maiko district.
In Kyoto, Geisha is called Geiko and they are women who entertain guests at a banquet by serving them
drinks, performing wit songs and Japanese dancing.
Maiko is a young girl who is training for becoming a Geiko.
They learn traditional Japanese dances and musical instruments for about 3 to 5 years.

In April every year in Gion area, Geiko and Maiko perform beautiful and elegant dances at the
spring dance festival called Miyako Odori.
If you buy a special ticket for the stage you can enjoy some green tea served by Maiko.

Gion is also th one of the best areas to stroll around.
I would recommend the place called Shirakawa area.
The flagstone path area surrounding traditional Kyoto style buildings and willow trees follow
the course of the Shirakawa canal.
Cherry blossom season is the best time to visit, however it is still a delightful area
in any season for a daytme and an evening stroll.

Let's take a walk in the area and if you are lucky you will see Maiko and Geiko
wearing beautiful Kimono!

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