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Nishijin Tour : Nishijin textile factory, Kuginuki Jizou, Machiya houses

The area called "Nishijin" is not an official administrative name
but it is a common name people call.
When people in Kyoto hear the name "Nishijin" we feel someting special,
the town with deep history, cultures and artisans.

You might have heard "Nishijin textile"
It started making in the 8th century and originated from this area.
Kyoto was a capital at that time and they were making high-class fabrics for the imperial court.
And then time went by in the 12th century a lot of artisans moved in this area and build the town.

In this tour, we will find out how the Hishijin area and textile industry relate and
see the old townscapes and culture.
We will learn about Traditional Machiya houses, narrow alleys and a local temple.
Let's look back the history how the textile industry flourished in this area.

・Nishijin Textile Center
・Mikami Family Alley
・Uho-in Temple
・Orinasu-kan Hand Woven Fabric Museum
・Traditional Machiya Houses
・Kuginuki-Jizo Temple

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