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【Experience】 of the KYOTO'S YEAR List

  • 圓光寺 早朝坐禅

    Zazen - Morning Zen meditation at Enkoji-Temple

    Zen meditation in refreshing air
    【開催日】 Every Sunday (booking required)

    Getting up at 4:30am in Sunday morning isn't really something you want to do
    but the crisp and cool autumn air wakes you up.

    I had a Zen meditation at Enkoji Temple in Shugakuin area, north east of Kyoto city.
    The meditation and some work in the temple's field was an amazing experience and we had rice porridge with some pickled vegetables for breakfast.

    It was a little to early for leaves changing colours but it was great to see the beautiful garden and the splendid view from the hill behind the temple.

    ・Work in the garden (cleaning and picking up leaves)
    ・Monk gives a preach
    ・have morning porridge



    13 Kotani-cho, Ichijo-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto Japan

    Phone 075-781-8025


    Participation fee

    1,000yen for the first time visitors, free from the second time

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