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Japanese Sake Tour -KANPAI-!
Approx. 2 hours


Japanese SAKE Tour -KANPAI-.

Kyoto is the second largest Japanese Sake producing prefecture across the country. Sake culture and history deeply touch on our lives.
You will take a walk in a quiet local area and enjoy the atmosphere comparing it with main tourist areas and you will stop by a quiet shrine to learn about Sake culture and history of how they relate to our lives in Kyoto.
And then you will visit a long-establish Sake brewery and meet the fifteenth generation of the owner of the brewery to learn about what Sake is and how it is made.
You will also have a sampling of five different kinds of Sake at the end of the tour.

◆Meeting Point : Exit 2 at Higashiyama Satation of Subway Tozai-Line

* Meet at the Exit-2 at Subway Higashiyama Station in Tozai Line
* Get a bus to the Ysohida area and walk a quiet area o enjoy the the atmosphere.
* Yoshida Shrine
* Japanese Sake Brewery
Visit a long-established Sake brewery and have a brewery tour and a Sake sampling.

Important notes :
*Participants must be aged 20 or older
*Because of the Sake making process, please refrain from wearing strong perfumeand eating NATTO, Japanese fermented soybeans before the tour.

Please contact us for tour availability.

Tour Name Japanese Sake Tour -KANPAI-!
Schedule Please check the tour calendar on the booking page for tour availability.
Duration Approx. 2 hours
minimum number of participants Maximum number is 8
Additional information

◆The tour is a not private tour, you might be having it with other groups of people.

◆The tour starts at 3:00pm so please meet your guide at the Exit 2 of Subway Higashiyama Station in Tozai-Line 10 minutes before the tour starts.

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